Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Tale of One Week of Fyrinnae That Turned Out To Be Two Weeks

Reasons behind my project

I've mentioned before that after months of neglect, I decided to do a week of appreciation for my loose (not only) Fyrinnae eyeshadows. Because they are loose and might get messy sometimes, I just didn't use them enough. Plus, they live in a drawer far away from where I do my makeup everyday (well, like two steps away LOL), they are not in any of my  palettes, so tend to be forgotten. 

But that is now going to change and I'm even plotting a new Fyrinnae order!

About Fyrinnae 

Fyrinnae eyeshadows can be bought from here. Although they sell a variety of products from lip lustres to blushes, primers and finishing powders, the eyeshadows are their bestsellers for sure. Reasonably priced at $6.25 for a full size and $2.25 for a mini size (which is usually 1/3 teaspoon in a jar), they are a big bargain. 

My Fyrinnae eyeshadows

What attracted me to them at first was the price and how unique they appeared to be in the pictures and swatches I had seen. Fyrinnae has a wonderful range of vibrant bright shades, but also work safe eyeshadows that are not your average neutrals. Because I mostly wear neutral eyeshadows (by this I mean anything that can be called champagne, taupe, gold, bronze, brown and green), so the ones you will see can be placed in this category. 


The aim of the project was to wear most if not all my Fyrinnae eyeshadows in the course of one week. I extended this to two weeks, because I realized one week was not enough considering the fact I don't wear makeup on Sundays. Because Fyrinnae doesn't have a good matte highlight shade in the range, throughout the whole project, I used WnW Brulee for this purpose. Occassionally I would wear my favorite matte brown eyeshadow in the crease, Inglot 363, as I don't really have darker browns from Fyrinnae that are suitable for wearing in that area. 

I started my project having 16 Fyrinnae eyeshadows from which I purged 7 as I feel they are either harder to work with (eyeshadows with a black base) or simply don't look good on me (such as Fire Opal, Envy Me or Polar Bear). 

Here is the  final selection of the eyeshadows I decided to keep.

My Fyrinnae family 2012
Detailed pictures and descriptions


Fyrinnae website describes this eyeshadow as a light gleaming taupe. But I would say this one is an old gold leaning taupe. It's a good eyeshadow for those who like Maui Wowie from Urban Decay, but find the glitter overpowering – there is absolutely no fallout from Sacred, but you just need to remember to pat it on, not swipe. 

Calavera Cupcakes

I've just tried to find this eyeshadow on Fyrinnae website, but I don't think it's available anymore. Yes, Fyrinnae discontinue their products before you make up your mind to buy them (I'm still bummed I missed out on Anemone!). Calavera Cupcakes is a metallic silver with pink sparkles. I remember loving this eyeshadow last holiday season just on its own with some black liner and bright pink lips.


Another one of those sadly discontinued eyeshadows which I would appreciate having a full size of. This one is hard to describe, an eyeshadow on the verge between silver and gold? Definitely not as cool as Calavera Cupcakes, but not as warm as Sacred. 

Aztec Gold

I have it in loose form, but at the moment it's sold in pressed for only. The description from Fyrinnae website is pretty accurate: "deep metallic gold over a rich olive green base". It definitely appears to be more green in the jar, but when applied, it turns out into the most beautiful gold ever (you will see it in the swatches below). 

Sea Turtle

I could swear I saw Sea Turtle on Fyrinnae's website yesterday! I can't believe it, this post is turning out into post that should be entitled "My favorite discontinued Fyrinnae"...
If a sea turtle was meant to become an eyeshadow, it would become this duochrome, cool green, bluish shade with lavender sparkles for sure. I love this one paired with Shinkirou, but you'll read about this later on. 
Damn Paladins

Fyrinnae renamed this eyeshadow to Work Safe Blue. It's a soft taupe with only hints of blue that are not very obvious, hence work safe. I think this one might look a little dull on my eyes, so I like combining it with a sparkly eyeshadow either patted over the center of the lid or in inner corners (my sparkle of choice would be Silk Naturals Sonic). If your undereyes, like mine, tend do be gray/blue, you might want to use this trick too. 

Te Amo

Recently renamed into Serendipidy. I'm not happy that the picture above doesn't do the justice to this eyeshadow, but it will have to do for now. Plus, the swatch will show how beautiful and unique it is!
It seems like a little boring brown taupe in the jar, but when swatched and applied on the lids, it just glows of copper, rose and gold. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind neutral, please try this one! 


I am always drawn to such eyeshadows: sparkly, gleaming pale beige/champagnes. It must be because they are so easy to wear. Shinkirou looks gorgeous just on its own, but I especially love it with Sea Turtle. If it reappears on Fyrinnae website, please, do yourself a favor and grab it, it will brighten up your day and your eyes. 


Can you see how sparkly Equality is? 

If not, take a look at swatches and picture below. I accidentally spilled some of this eyeshadow on the cushion...It seems that this undesirable event must have had some purpose as now you can see multi colored sparkles quite well. 

In my world, this eyeshadow is the queen of sparkly. The base of it is neutral, along the lines of Platinum or Sacred (maybe it's a more extravagant sister of these two?), but the top layer consists of holographic shimmer, thankfully, not chunky glitter. Definitely a must have!


All of these eyeshadows were swatched over Pixie Epoxy, sort of an eyeshadow primer/glue that helps those eyeshadows  to stay on longer and enhance the color.

All of my Fyrinnae together:

More detailed pictures:

I even made a short video to show off the sparkles! 

Favorite combos

As a prize that you've managed to come thus far, let me share with you my favorite Fyrinnae combos I came up with in these two weeks. My everyday looks are not elaborate, I usually wear 2 or 3 eyeshadows, anything more than that would not fit my morning time management, ESPECIALLY if I want to wear liner on that day. 

a) Shinkirou + Sea Turtle

Eyes: Fyrinnae Shinkirou + Sea Turtle, Bobbi Brown Chocolate Shimmer gel liner,
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus.
Lips: Dior Addict Extreme Plaza.
Face: Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, MAC Summer Rose beauty powder as blush,  Graftobian corrector palette on redness and blemishes, can't remember which powder, oh, and Hourglass Solar Tan primer which I believe has made me tanned indeed D:

 b) Platinum + Sacred + Aztec Gold

This is all for now about my Fyrinnaes and my little project.

Hope you found this post somewhat useful and entertaining!


  1. Loved the pics, they worked out great!!

    Aztec Gold looks amazing!!

    1. Thanks Sandra! Aztec Gold is such a luxurious looking eyeshadow, makes me want more golden greens:)