Sunday, February 10, 2013

Is it too late for 2012 most loved products?


Is anybody there?

*hears silence*

*clears throat*

Hello in 2013!

I've been planning this post for ages, but haven't managed to pull it together until now which is due to my lack of motivation and lack of sun (I simply can't stand taking pictures in artificial lighting). I know many bloggers narrowed down their choices by writing about their 12 items of 2012, I am in awe and bow to their feet.

*takes a sip of water*

Because 2012 was the year of trying out new lipstick formulas and discovering many beautiful lip products, I just couldn't take this minimalistic approach. To your dismay, you will find no cheek products, foundations or powders in this selection. Although I do like some of them, some I even repurchase, I have a hard time finding anything that stands out, stands the test of time AND my very complicated skin. For this very reason, there are just a couple of "skincare" products below (if blotting papers fit this category).

Family picture
Say "cheese"!

Lip products 

2011 was the year when I struggled with my lips, at the end of it I mostly used just balm, because I was unable to find lip products I could wear comfortably. 2012 was the year of great lip discoveries, from balms, to lipsticks. 

Thanks to my American friends, I was able to put my hands on Jack Black lip balms. Unlike many balms that fade away and disappear after five minutes, Jack Black stays on the lips for a few hours, it locks moisture in the lips and makes them happy. It replaced Aquaphor as my go to lip balm too! 

Some people hate them, some people love them, I happen to be under their spell. I must admit that I used up a few mini version tubes of Fresh treatment in Rose last year, simply because: a) I love the formula, b) the shade seems perfect, c) they are very soft and melty (which is the only downside really!). 

I usually stay away from mint flavored lip products, they seem to dry my lips out, so I was surprised to like Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains from Revlon. But now I have six of these and wear them all the time, especially Honey which I pictured above. 

If you've never tried Hourglass lipsticks before, go and indulge yourself! I love their heavy packaging (which is a bit dangerous as I always seem to snap the tip of the bullet whenever I open it for the first time), slightly powdery vanilla scent and creamy formula. Fresco was one of my most worn lipsticks in 2012 for sure, mostly because it's such a flattering rosy shade on my lips. It's a very hardworking lipstick and you can clearly see the proof of that in the picture. 

Lavshuca is one of those obscure brands that can only be bought in Asia or from Asian based online shops such as As much as I adore their eyeshadows, their lipsticks, which they sell a few formulas of, are real standouts. I particularly love Dramatic Memory Rouges, *especially* PK2 which is a light warm pink (see photo). I won't write about it here, because I would like to post a review of all my Lavshuca lipsticks, but this was definitely my most worn lip product in 2012 and I can only thank Kate from Drivel About Frivol  for this suggestion. 

Let's just finish this chapter with some Dior. If I could, I would buy and wear an entire range of Dior Addict Extremes, but I would secretly always return to my first one, Lucky (gorgeous vibrant pink, see photo). Dior Addict Extremes are not as creamy as other lipsticks I go for, they have somewhat harder consistency, but apply easily and don't feel drying (bear in mind I always apply a lot of lip balm before all my lipsticks). I can't get enough of them, so surely you will hear me rambling more about them in the future. 

*applies balm*

 Eye products (mostly eyeshadows)

Yes, I was most excited about the lip products, but I also found real gems in the eye category in 2012. 

I've already written about my favorite liner here. The dip in my Bobbi Brown Chocolate Shimmer is much bigger now as it was definitely my most used eye product of 2012. I would love to try more shades from this range!

Shiseido eyeshadows were like a revelation to me, when I got Jungle in my hands, I already wanted more of their trios...Although these shadows don't swatch very well, at least on me and without a primer, they become more vibrant and beautiful on the lids. And they are a dream to work with. If I ever decide to purge my eyeshadow stash, I will only buy Shiseido. 

That's a big thing to say. 

Lavshuca eyeshadows are not far off the silkiness of Shiseido, but they have an advantage of being much more reasonably priced than Shiseido. They are smooth, blendable, brightening. Unfortunately, color combinations are much more boring, but then again, I do wear boring makeup most days. 2012 staples. 

You might remember this post where I wrote that I have possible dupes of this eyeshadow. Yes, I already have similar things in my collection, but nothing with texture as smooth and deliciously luxurious as Fudge. Yes, Addiction eyeshadows are very pricey, but if you have a chance to try, please get at least one and I'm sure you won't regret it. 

In 2011 many people raved about Chanel Illusion d'Ombres, I joined the crowd, bought, fell in love with Epatant and Illusiore. Then in 2012, Chanel came out with d'Ombre in the shade Riviere which became one of my birthday gifts. As you can see from the picture, it's been very much loved, especially during the summer, who could not love this pale shimmery blue green?


2012 was definitely the year of Real Techniques and Inglot brushes for me. I can't imagine applying my foundation with something else than RT Buffing Brush, putting on blush or contour without my Contour Brush. They are nicely priced, good quality, I only wish they were selling all of them individually, as well is in sets. This was I could replace them easier in the future. 

Being a big fan of Inglot eyeshadows, I'm surprised that I only discovered Inglot eye brushes in 2012. One of the reasons for this must be the fact that whenever I'm at the Inglot store/stand, the brushes look tired and frayed (well, people do fondle them, right?). 9S is my go to laydown brush, it has just the right shape and size for my eyelid. 80HP is a wonderful crease brush, great for adding eyeshadow to this area, but also for blending a little at the same time. It's dense, soft, but not too soft, just perfect. I use 23T for gel liner every single day, despite the hard work I put it to, it still has the shape it had when I bought it last summer. I have hooded lids and like my eyeliner line to be thin which 23T excels at creating. 


Essie became my favorite nailpolish brand in 2012 (two of my most used polishes above). Essie polishes chip like all other brands of polishes I've tried, I can't help it, but I love the shade selection in their range. Opaque and creamy, just how I like my nailpolishes to be. 

Other things

Clean and Clear blotting papers must be in my makeup bag at all times, these are the best ones I've tried and I've tried a lot.

Hourglass Mineral Veil primer seriously deserves to be in my top of 2012. No, it doesn't do too much in terms of oil control, but it does make my skin look poreless and smoother. I only wish it was cheaper and that the effect lasted longer.

If someone asked me to choose my most  favorite product of 2012, I would go for Mandom Barrier Repair masks. There is nothing else more soothing and calming on my flushed face than these masks. You will definitely hear about them from me soon. 

I think it's time for me to take my mask off and go to sleep.

Speak to you soon!


  1. OOH! All these Japanese goodies in your best of post!!! :D~~~ I also really love the Dior Addict Extremes. I also have Lucky and I love how bright and happy that color is. Glad we both have such excellent tastes!

    1. I want moar Japanese goodies, actually, now that you're reminded me, I need to order some more Mandom masks:) Do you have any other shades? I already have Riviera, Plaza and Fireworks, thinking of Avenue and Belissima!

    2. I have Avenue! Very pretty.

    3. TY! BTW, thanks for subbing, Belly *squishes*

  2. I've also been using up all my little fresh Sugar Lip Treatment samples. I didn't think I would love them so much! x