Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Five

Inspired by this post on Aucuparia Brumalis. 

1. Sting's new song. Speaks/sings for itself.

2. Margaret Atwood and this poem. It's my goal to read everything Margaret Atwood has written until the end of the year. I already know that I will fail, so I approach her every work with attention and focus. Today this poem has grabbed my attention.

It's not late August, the air is not even warm, but there is no hurry and peaches burst sweetly in my kitchen. This poem brings back a memory of lingering and ripe Polish summers, syrupy sensations that I long for.

I found it on Pinterest, unsure of the original location:(
3. Peach cobbler. I made this peach cobbler today and very happy with the result. Next time I will substitute lemon zest for lemon juice though, zest adds unnecessary bitterness to this overall very sweet dessert. Check out the recipe I used on Delicious magazine website. 

4. Rain. Capricious rain doesn't bother me, considering the fact that it creates a strong barrier against my loud neighbors, this way they don't even peek outside.

Rain on my chives. 
5. This palette. I was spoilt this week and given Shu Uemura's Smoky Velvet palette that was released for Christmas 2012. The person who gave it to me knew well I would love it...

She is called creepy Dora. I find her quite cute!

Very inspiring choice of colors.
I love wearing mint green with the red (even though it's a blush!). 


  1. Quite an ambitious goal, and judging from GoodReads you are making great progress! Thank you for sharing the poem - such delicious writing. Your cobbler looks delish too :)

  2. So many nice things! Love the look of that peach cobbler, yum. :D

    I kind of want to read all Atwood things also but find myself exhausted after each book. She can be a light-hearted lady so I wish that would show up in her writings more. Maybe it does in her poems - this Late August is lovely!

  3. That...Cobbler. :O Hope you have fun reading everything she wrote!:)